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Spare Room Mini Storage
Family owned & operated since 1997

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About Us

Family owned and operated since 1997
By: Gene and Sherry Pringle

Gene and Sherry Pringle founded the business in 1997. They continue to personally run the business every day. They know their customers personally. This enables them to take special care of their customers' storage needs.

What makes Spare Room different from other storage places?

Why should I store at Spare Room?

Spare Room Mini Storage: A Family Business since 1997

  Who would have thought storage could be so much fun? For Gene and Sherry Pringle, the storage business means more time together as a family and a chance to invite their customers to be a part of their family, too. Gene and Sherry opened Spare Room Mini Storage in 1997, and since then have thoroughly enjoyed a hands-on owner and operator experience. What makes the business so much fun? They say their customers do.

  "Our customers are so interesting and bring many diverse situations and points of view with them," Sherry enthuses. The Pringles have lived in south St Petersburg for the past 18 years have learned a lot about the neighborhood and the community from their customers. And they like what they have learned. Sherry, a small-town girl from Minnesota relates to South St Petersburg's small town atmosphere.

  "People know one another, help one another, and are friendly to one another," she says, adding that she sees examples of this every day at her storage facility and she appreciates the goodness and kindness people share with one another.

  Their goal is to provide excellent personal customer service and they work hard to provide precisely the storage unit their customer needs. They pride themselves in going above and beyond the ordinary to help their customers.